3 Alternatives to the Gym to Keep You Active

Monkey bars
Photo by João Rabelo from Pexels

Going to the gym is one of those things that we’ll probably have a love-hate relationship with for the rest of our lives. Some days, we look forward to going and getting in a workout from the moment we wake up, but other days, we really need to drag our feet to get there. In our opinion, working out needs to be fun for us to feel motivated, so on the days when the gym feels like the last place we want to be, it can be helpful to mix it up by exercising in a different environment. Here are some of our favorite gym alternatives.


We love hiking because it’s a great way to get some exercise that also allows us to spend time outdoors. There are countless benefits to both mental and physical health that can come from spending time in nature, so find a trail near you and head out to enjoy improved cardiovascular health, better balance, and decreased stress.

The Playground

This one only really applies if you have kids, but if you do, you’re probably already aware of just how much running around a visit to the playground can entail. Rather than just sit on the side and observe, start a game of tag, push them on the swings, or try the monkey bars yourself! You’ll be surprised how quickly you break a sweat.

Roller Rink

When was the last time you went roller skating? It’s a great way to get in some cardio, but more than anything, it’s fun! Make a night of it and organize a group outing with friends and family. You’ll enjoy yourself so much that you won’t even realize you’re exercising.