5 Fun and Challenging Bridge Exercises

Image via Haritonoff/depositphotos

The bridge exercise is a popular move used both in yoga and pilates because it’s very effective, challenging, and rewarding. But what people don’t know is that are actually a handful of variations to this workout. Here are some of the best bridge exercises that you should try.

Hip Bridge

This is a basic bridge exercise suitable for beginners and amazing for targeting multiple muscle groups like abs, glutes and legs.

Bridge Chest Press

If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, the bridge chest press is a great strength exercise that targets our chest, glutes, and shoulders.

Weighted Glute Bridge

This is a simple glute bridge exercise, but it’s done with a weight plate on your belly. It’s pretty simple but effective for working your glutes, abs, and lower back.

Glute Bridge March

This exercise is very similar to glute bridges, but the only difference is that you’re lifting legs in the air this time. The glute bridge march can be challenging for beginners, but it’s very effective for activating bottom and core muscles.

Shoulder Bridge

Shoulder bridge is a simple pilates move that can help you improve your posture and mobility, but it’s also great for toning your glutes and core.