Are You Working Out Too Hard? Here’s What to Lookout For

Sure, there’s working out hard, but there’s also working out too hard. When you go to the extreme, exercise can have negative impacts on your health and wellness. These are the signs that you’re overexercising and that you should tone down your workout.

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You’re Constantly Sore or Have Injuries

Soreness from exercising is normal, especially when you start a new program. But, over time, your muscles should become more used to working out and if you’re constantly in pain or suffering from the same injuries, you may be causing muscle damage. Switch up your exercises to prevent overusing the same muscles.

Rapid Weight Loss

For many people, the goal of exercising is weight loss, but if you lose weight too quickly, it can be unhealthy. Healthy weight loss is one or two pounds per week, and if you’re losing more weight than that, start eating more and cutting back on your cardio.

Changes in Appetite

When you start working out a lot, you’ll notice changes in appetite, whether that’s a loss or increase in appetite. If you find your nauseates after working out, cut back your workouts or take rest days. The more common issue is you’ll find you’re hungry following an intense workout. If this happens, also cut back your workouts to 30 minutes.


Working out causes hormonal changes which may make it difficult for your brain to tell your body it’s time to sleep. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your health and lead to weight gain. If you have trouble falling asleep, first try cutting back caffeine and then limit your workouts.


Although exercise can manage stress and depression, it can have the opposite effect and put your body in a state of physiological arousal causing your body to feel depleted and exhausted.