Basketball is a Great Way to Stay in Shape

Photo by Wells Chan on Unsplash

Why we’d all love to think that there’s some magic code that’ll help us stay fit, but unfortunately, no such thing exists. Hard work and resilience are prerequisites for keeping our bodies healthy, and there are rarely ever exceptions. However, there are certain ways to make the hard work a lot more enjoyable, such as taking up a fun sport to get our exercise in. If you ask us, one of the best options you can go with is basketball.

Intense Cardio

Basketball requires no small commitment of cardio from our bodies. If you’re playing a full court game, you’ll be running up and down that court until you feel the need to throw up. It’s not quite like cross country, because you’re not really supposed to jog. Basketball requires players to sprint, and to not hold back.

Much Variety

In basketball, you’re not just running the standard way. When on defense, you’re moving your legs in such a way that you’d never normally do. It’s a lateral movement exercise that truly works you out and improves leg strength like no other. Finally, playing basketball means you’ll also be doing a great deal of jumping—which is also a great form of cardio.