Best Cross-Training Activities For Runners

Cross country
Photo by Omar Tursić on Unsplash

Incorporating cross-training activities into a fitness routine is something that every runner must do from time to time. These activities can help runners recover from injuries faster, stay active on rest days or simply improve their runner performance. Here are some of the best cross-training activities for runners.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is an excellent cardio workout and, as the name suggests, it involves ruining in the pool. This type of exercise is much harder than it seems and it’s a great cross-training activity for runners because it’s good for improving your form, strengthening the body, and recovering after injuries.


Swimming is an awesome total body workout that is particularly good for runners because it can help you target those muscles that are not used while running. Swimming is also a low-impact workout, which means it’s great for active recovery but also for improving running performance.


The treadmill is not the only machine runners can use to exercise indoors. Runners who are recovering from injuries or looking for ways to stay active on rest days could really benefit from using elliptical trainers. Elliptical can be used to simulate hiking or running, and it’s an excellent low-impact alternative to running.