Best Walking Plan for Easy Getting in Shape Quickly

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

There’s hardly any fitness exercise as effective and easy as walking. Combining the power of interval training and surrounding elements, a walking plan can help reduce belly fat in a short amount of time.

Here are few walking tips that will help you to focus your regular walking towards a fat loss goal:

Fast walk

This is a process in which you have to increase your speed at frequent intervals. To perform fast walk, you have to walk aggressively after 5 minutes of regular walk. After walking fast for 10 minutes, start a little jog or intensive walk for 3 minutes. Walk slowly after this and then repeat the cycle.

Easy walk

This walk is more concentrated on enjoying the surrounding and your movement. Do this when you feel down and want to get motivated. Let the thoughts come in while walking at a normal pace. This walk also acts as a good stress buster.

Power walk

This is a steady yet strong focused walk. To do power walk, start walking fast after 3-4 minutes of normal walk. Walk fast for 10-15 minutes then slow down for 3 minutes and then repeat the cycle.