Fun Fitness Activities to Do If You Live Near a Lake

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Lakes are perfect for all manner of fun nature-based activities like picnics, beach hangouts, and playing with your kids. But in addition, they’re also a great natural fitness resource! If you live near a lake, a whole category of sports and fitness activities are open to you. If you love your local lake and you want to start working out there, here are some suggestions!


Rowing is a great way to work out your core and upper body, and if you can get a group together or you have a local team, it’s also a perfect way to improve your teamwork skills. Rowing together takes coordination and communication; you can also kayak or canoe and gain strength as well as navigation and steering skills.


Of course, you can do this at any body of water—but lake swimming is an experience like no other. Lakes are often surrounded by beautiful forest scenery and provide a quiet environment that the ocean or a public pool can’t. Swimming out on a beautiful day is a meditative experience, and is often more challenging than swimming in a pool providing an even better workout.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is a fun lake activity because it requires a motorboat, and motorboats tend to be associated with lakes specifically. This is a super fun way to improve your balance and strength, just make sure you have all the necessary safety measures in place!