Get in Shape With Rachel Gulotta’s Workout Videos

Screenshot via Rachel Gulotta Fitness/YouTube

Rachel Gulotta Fitness is one of the latest fitness channels we’ve discovered on YouTube that’s perfect for people who like to exercise at home. Rachel is a certified personal trainer and her videos and challenges will inspire you to stay in shape. Here are some of her best workouts to try this summer.

5-Minute Daily Stretch

Stretching on a daily basis is important for improving overall health, preventing back pain, and reducing the risk of injuries. That’s why this 5-minute workout should be part of your morning or evening routine.

30-Minute Barre Workout

Barre workouts have become very popular because they’re fun and great for toning muscles. Feel like a dancer and burn major calories by doing this 30-minute barre HIIT workout.

20-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope is one of the most useful exercise tools you can invest in if you want to burn major calories in only half an hour. Check out this fun jump rope workout that you can do in only 20 minutes.

8-Minute Ab Workout

Eight minutes is all it takes to do this intense workout. Target your ab muscles with some of the best ab exercises such as Russian twists, hip dips, and planks.