How to Keep Fit and Have Fun With Friends Any Time, Anywhere

Playing Spikeball with friends
Photo by Spikeball on Unsplash

Listen, we get it. It can be tough to stay fit and healthy, and it’s most difficult if you’re not a fan of the gym, or you don’t like to run. Especially in the winter months, the idea of staying snuggled under a blanket in your house or sleeping the day away can be much more tempting than going out and moving your body.

We’re here to tell you that that’s totally okay, but it’s great to add some variety and balance into your life by switching up the way you stay fit. And you don’t have to do it alone! Here are some easy and low-effort ways to get your friends involved in your fitness journey and go through the whole ordeal together. Who knows? You might even have a great time while you’re doing it.

Play Spikeball

Spikeball is played with teams of two-on-two, with each team starting on opposite sides of the trampoline-like net. Players line up around the net and serve by bouncing the ball onto the net from one team to the other. The team gets a point when the opposing team lets the ball fall on the ground. 

The best part about Spikeball is that the net is easy to transport so as long as you have a couple of friends around, you really can play anywhere you’d like.

Try a Home Workout

Sometimes the only motivation you need to get moving is to do it with a friend. You don’t have to start some grand fitness plan together—it’s just nice to try something new or spend time together doing something active. 

Why not try a home workout or a yoga video? They’re free, and the chances are you’ll have a load of fun while doing it.