Is it Safe to Jog in the Rain?

Running in rain
Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

When you’re deeply entrenched in a routine, it can be hard to stop it. This is true for bad routines as well as good ones, because at the end of the day we’re all creatures of habit. If you find yourself in a routine of jogging every morning, give yourself a good pat on the back, because it’s not easy to keep that up. That said, while it’s great to maintain a good jogging schedule, it’s also important to know that sometimes it’s not safe—like when it’s raining.

A Light Drizzle is Okay

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of light drizzling when you’re jogging outside. Heck, it’s even pretty refreshing, especially when you’re working up a sweat around your fourth lap around the block. As long as the rainfall is light and the temperature isn’t too cold, you have nothing to worry about.

Too Risky

So when does the weather get too bad that you should pull yourself aside and not go out for a run? When the rainfall starts getting intense, and the temperature gets colder too, you definitely shouldn’t go for a jog. If you simply must get some exercise, buy yourself a treadmill or do some sit-ups. You might think that you’re missing out on a crucial workout, which will affect your health—but you’ll be hurting your health even more if you exercise outdoors when the weather is this bad. Not to mention that you could easily slip in a puddle and hurt yourself physically!