The Benefits of Rock Climbing: Why You Should Do it Too

Whether or not you’re an extreme sports lover, free climbing is still something you should try at least once. Here is a list of all the benefits this partially extreme sport provides. 

  1. Conquer Your Fears: We all have a natural fear of heights, and this sport is an ideal chance to beat that fear! 
  2. It’s Affordable: Secondhand gear and shoes cost around $50 in total! 
  3. It’s Adventurous: If you’re always searching for excitement, going hiking and rock climbing with your friends will definitely satisfy this need. As you progress, the challenges will become unlimited, since there are so many unclimbed rocks to be claimed in nature! 
  4. A Full-Body Workout: There’s not a muscle in your body that doesn’t work hard while you’re free climbing. You will discover having muscles you never knew you had before! 
  5. Psychological Benefits: This sport trains focus, determination, self-control, strength, and endurance, which are skills needed in life also.  
  6. Interpersonal Relationships: Not only will you meet new people who will become your co-climbers, but you will also need to learn to trust others because this sport requires you to put your life into someone else’s hands and vice versa. This brings people closer together.