The Best Treadmill Workouts

Treadmill workouts are becoming more popular over time, and you don’t have to sign up to a studio to use one. You just need a basic gym membership and you are ready to go. There is a workout for everyone. Here are some great treadmill workouts for you to enjoy and you’ll feel good after.

Treadmill Workouts For Fat Loss

In the first minute do a light jog to warm up your legs then increase the speed to your running pace for 1 minute, then run faster for a minute, then sprint for another minute. Walk for a minute. Increase the incline by 3% and do the same run, fast run, sprint. You can keep increasing the incline and doing the same 1-1-1 for another 3 rounds. Make sure you do a light jog to cool down/recover at the end.

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Run It. 🏃🏻‍♀️

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15-Minute Treadmill HIIT workout

Do a 2-minute warm-up jog and then for the next 5 minutes increase the incline depending on your fitness. Decrease the speed for a recovery jog and then for a 2 minutes run fast. Decrease the speed again for a recovery jog and for the last 4 minutes do 30-second sprints followed by 30-second recoveries.

Treadmill Workout For Improving Speed

Estimate your fastest 1-minutes sprint that you are able to do on a treadmill. Start your workout 4km/h below that speed. Do a 2-3 minute jog and then for the first 1.5 minutes run at the speed under your max increasing the incline by 1% every 30 seconds. Recover on 0% incline for 1.5 minutes. Continue this sequence for 9 minutes, increasing your incline 1%. For the last 7 minutes do 30 seconds on a 7% incline and then drop the incline and add 1km/hr, recover and then add 2km/hr until you reach your maximum speed. Make sure to cool down at the end.

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#TealsTipTuesday – Treadmill Edition ••• I’m pretty sure that I’ve logged more treadmill miles in the first 8 weeks of my @bostonmarathon training cycle than my entire running life combined. Spending this much time on the 'mill has definitely been an adjustment but luckily I’ve picked up a few hacks that have really helped. ••• 1️⃣ For runs without certain target paces, I am always increasing and decreasing the pace and incline by .1 or .2. This more closely matches running outside and also helps break things up. I play games in my head like when the time hits 22:22, I’ll increase .2 for both pace and incline etc. 2️⃣ Embrace the suck. I’ve started thinking of the treadmill as a way to improve my mental toughness and just acknowledge that it’s going to be harder than running outside. I know that thinking back to all of the times I grinded out 10+ miles on the treadmill will help carry me through when Boston gets tough. 3️⃣ Save something for treadmill time. I always watch Netflix on my iPad during longer runs and having #Cheer to watch has actually made me look forward to my indoor runs. I also save podcast episodes that I’m excited about to listen to during the short stuff. 4️⃣ The biggest change I’ve made to make treadmill running more manageable is to focus on my effort and not the actual pace. I have always found that any pace on the treadmill feels 10x harder than it does outside. Which means that I reallyyyy struggle during long marathon or threshold paced efforts and actually can’t make it through without falling off which completely destroys my confidence. I’ve run long enough to know what those paces feel like outside so that’s what I do. I throw my towel over the screen and increase the pace until it matches what I know I’d be feeling like outside. This has helped me 1 million percent. ••• Do you have any other treadmill hacks? I still have a lot of miles ahead of me!

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