Why You Should Start Doing Calisthenics

Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash

At most gyms, weights and other exercise equipment seem to dominate the floor. Still, there is another form of highly-beneficial exercise that requires minimal equipment called calisthenics. Here’s why you should consider adding calisthenics to your workout.

Improve Your Balance and Flexibility

Considering that calisthenic workouts consist primarily of large bodyweight movements and stretching, this form of exercise is effective at improving your balance and flexibility. After all, in order to support your body weight in each movement, balance is essential.

Calisthenics is Functional

This form of workout consists of functional movements such as pushing, pulling, squatting, and lunging. These movements are considered “functional” because we rely on them in everyday life. By doing calisthenics, you can improve your everyday ability to physically function.

Build Muscle and Improve Stamina Simultaneously

Because calisthenics consists of challenging bodyweight exercises, it proves effective at building strength and building intricate muscles in your body. This type of workout also consists of many reps and sophisticated movements, meaning that you’ll build your stamina as you go along.