Your Guide to the Different Types of Muscle Recovery

We’re sure you’re familiar with post-exercise recovery as it’s essential for reaching your goals and better athletic performance. But, that’s not the only type of muscle recovery that can help you build strength and endurance. Here are the types of muscle recovery and how to make the most out of them.

During Workout Recovery

It’s important to take breaks while working out, especially when you’re doing a HIIT workout. During the recovery, you have a chance to catch your breath and for your muscles to reset which will allow you to push yourself even harder for the rest of your workout.

Immediate Post Workout Recovery

Following your workout, make sure you continue moving for the next 20 minutes. This can include walking around, stretching, or doing yoga and it will help you feel less stiff following your workout.

Recovery Days

How many recovery days you take and when you take them depends on your training and intensity. If you’re new to exercise, you should take more recovery days to allow your body to get used to the strain you’re putting on it. Recovery days don’t mean sitting all day, instead you should take active recovery days which focus on a light-intensity exercise like yoga or walking.