3 Dance Classes to Try as an Adult

Photo by Nihal Demirci Erenay on Unsplash

Many of us took ballet or tap-dancing classes as children, but the idea of going to dance classes as an adult can feel intimidating and even a little embarrassing. However, we should try and overcome these feelings, because dancing is really beneficial to health—it improves balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness, and it can also support good mental health as it is fun and enjoyable. Check out these three types of dance, and then see if you can find a class in your local area.


Ballet classes for adult beginners will usually focus on developing strength in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Don’t expect to perform any gravity-defying leaps in your first few classes, ballet is challenging and it takes a long time to perfect posture and movements. If you stick with ballet, you will discover improved flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.


While technically a form of martial art, rather than a dance, this Brazilian art form involves many elements of dancing and will definitely challenge your coordination and agility! A way to get some serious exercise in, you may find it takes a while before you’re imitating the moves of the great capoeira artists. However, you will definitely have fun learning and can put some of the skills to the test the next time you’re on a dance floor.


Surprisingly difficult to learn, when done well salsa dancing looks smooth, finessed, and beautiful. If you have a willing dance partner (or don’t mind dancing with strangers in the class), find a local salsa class to challenge your agility and coordination. Rhythm is really important in salsa, so before you go practice finding the rhythm in some songs by tapping your foot along. This skill will make the moves of a salsa dance much easier to navigate.