3 Great Exercises For Your Wrists

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Working on a computer, washing the dishes or playing the piano, whatever you do, your hands get tired. And we want to keep them in tip-top shape because they do so much for us, right? This is why stretching your arms should be a daily thing.

These are the exercises you can do while sitting on a sofa and watching your favorite show.

Wrist Exercise With a Tennis Ball

Use a tennis ball and place it between your thumb and forefinger. Glue your elbows onto your side so you don’t rotate your forearm, just your wrist. Drop down your wrist and slowly begin rotating it. Repeat the process with every finger.

Wrist Stretching

When stretching your wrist, you need to hold your arm slightly lower than your shoulder, with the palm facing down. Then extend the hand back towards you by using your opposite hand, gently pulling it back. Do it at least five times. Then, turn the palm down and repeat the process, except this time you are pulling your hand towards from your body.

Stretch Your Fingers

There are many great ways to easily stretch your fingers. The most common one is to stretch the finger flexors one at a time, by pinning down the opposite three, while gently assisting the isolated finger and moving into extension.

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