3 Useful Tips For Fitting Mini Workouts Into Your Day

Photo by Andreea Boncota on Unsplash

If your schedule is so packed that you struggle to fit a regular workout into your day, mini workouts are just the thing you need. They can be anywhere between five to 15 minutes long and these tips will help you easily fit them into your day, no matter how busy you are.

Right Time

Some people enjoy working out as soon as they get up, while others prefer doing it late in the evening. The good thing about mini workouts is that you can do them whenever you want, without putting a lot of time aside. But make sure they’re not distracting you from your other obligations.

Going With the Flow

Scheduling your mini workouts is always an option, but it’s unnecessary. They’re so short that your best option is to do it whenever you feel like it if your schedule allows. If you have a sudden urge to work out and nothing’s stopping you, you should do it because you won’t always feel as motivated.


If you want to use the time in your day to the fullest, try multitasking while doing your mini-workouts. You can watch Netflix, or listen to a podcast or an audiobook while working out. Just make sure you’re concentrated enough so your form wouldn’t suffer in the process.