5 Advanced Calisthenics Exercises Everyone Can Master

Photo by Charly Pn on Unsplash

Calisthenics is a type of strength training that’s perfect for people who don’t want to use fitness equipment because the only thing you’ll need to rely on is your body weight. Calisthenics exercises are often very challenging, but also extremely rewarding. Let’s take a look at some advanced calisthenics exercises that everyone can master.


Everyone is familiar with push-ups, but not everyone can do this exercise with proper form. Do your best to include them into your routine, because push-ups are great for improving upper body strength.


Burpees are one of the most dreaded exercises and for a very good reason. They’re extremely challenging for beginners but are also great for the entire body and torching calories.


Pull-ups are a classic exercise for targeting triceps, chest, shoulders and back, but that doesn’t mean they‘re easy to do—on the contrary, they’re pretty hard.

Box Jumps

Box jumps are awesome for strengthening your lower-body muscles like glutes, calves and hamstrings. They can be hard for beginners, but they can actually be a lot of fun later on.


This one is only for those who are in really good shape and ready to push their limits. Handstands are challenging but good for targeting your core and improving balance.