5 Reasons to Try Snowshoeing This Winter

Photo by Alec Moore on Unsplash

the majority of winter sports are pretty extreme, and require a lot of practice – but not snowshoeing. This low-impact activity is perfect for beginners who are not adrenaline-driven enough to go skiing or snowboarding. Here’s five reasons why you should give it a try.

Group Fun

Snowshoeing is pretty easy to master, meaning you can do it with anyone who’s willing to join you on this adventure.

Beating Winter Blues

Winter is often described as the most depressing season, and staying active will help you deal with all the gloominess – especially once you decide to step outside.


Bring a Pet

A lot of snowshoeing enthusiasts enjoy bringing their dogs on this adventure, since they usually don’t spend much time in nature during cold winter months.

Hiking Alternative

Snowshoeing is basically winter version of hiking, and it provides you with the same opportunity to get some fresh air and become one with nature.

Calorie Burner

Snowshoeing can help you burn between 400 and 900 calories per hour, making it more effective than running or biking.