All You Need is 5 Minutes to Become More Flexible

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

Have you moved from your desk today? Be honest; we won’t judge. What we will do, however, is ask if your body is feeling stiff. Sitting in one position for an extended period of time can leave our muscles feeling very angry with us.

Yoga has always been like the gentle big sister who is happy to sit down with you at the end of the day and let you breathe. She teaches us to be flexible, both with our body and time, reminding us that all it takes to care for ourselves is 5 minutes. 

Neck, Back, and Shoulders

Position yourself on your hands and knees, with your hands positioned beneath your shoulders and your knees positioned under your hips. Inhale as you lift your tailbone, drop your belly, and look up, creating a concave shape in your lower back. Exhale as you round your spine, tuck your tailbone, and drop your head. Flow between these two poses, syncing the movement with your breath.

Improved Posture

Kneel on the floor, allowing your butt to rest comfortably on your heels. Exhale as you bend forward, lowering your forehead toward the floor and extending your arms alongside your body. Lengthen your spine as you stretch your back muscles and feel the gentle stretch in your spine, shoulders, and neck. Hold the pose for several breaths, gradually deepening the stretch as your body allows.

Hips, Glutes, and Outer Thighs

Start by assuming a high plank position. Bring your right knee forward, positioning it behind your right wrist. Extend your left leg straight back, ensuring your hips are square. Slowly lower your upper body toward the ground, resting on your forearms or a block for support. You should feel the stretch in your hip flexors, outer thigh, and glutes. Maintain the pose for a few breaths before repeating it on the opposite side.