Alo Yoga Introduced Its First Luxury Activewear Collection at New York Fashion Week

Alo Yoga established itself as one of the most beloved activewear brands among the Hollywood elite, and it was just a matter of time before they launched their first luxury line. That moment is finally here, with Alo’s Aspen collection being introduced at the New York Fashion Week.

The LA-based activewear label bridged the gap between the wellness line with Aspen, and it’s truly a collection of many firsts. In addition to being Alo’s first ready-to-wear line, and marking its debut at the New York Fashion Week, it’s also the brand’s first foray into winter performance wear.

As its name suggests, this collection pays homage to winter sports and mountaineering. It will inspire you to hit the slopes and reach for the mountain tops, and Alo Yoga’s co-founder Danny Harris believes it perfectly encapsulates what their brand is about.

“Alo exists at the intersection of fashion and wellness, so we see showing our Aspen Collection at NYFW as the perfect venue to host our high-end line that is both studio–to–street with luxury design and fabrication,” said Harris in a statement.

Alo’s Aspen collection includes 17 styles, ranging in price between $54 and $1,425, and customers who buy limited-edition pieces are expected to receive Alo’s exclusive NFT.