Best Lower Body Exercises you can do at Home

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

A toned body is almost everyone’s dream and it adds to one’s health as well. Below are some lower body exercises that can help you get a toned body:

Plie Squats

Going low in these squats will help you improve your mobility and strength. To perform Plie squats:
– Stand tall with your feet at a distance little wider than the shoulders with toes at 45 degrees.
– Keep the back straight and weight in the heels.
– Engage your thighs and glutes while lowering down your body, till the thighs get parallel to the ground.
– Push up to return to starting position. Repeat it 10-20 times.

Fire Hydrants squat

This will help you build stamina and get toned along.
– Get on your knees and hands.
– Pull your abs to bring navel towards the spine.
– Keep hips pointed towards ground and legs 90-degree bent, raise your right knee out high.
– Pause for a while and then return slowly. Repeat.

Plank leg lift

– Get into high plank position.
– Squeeze left glute and raise left leg few inches above the ground.
– Keep leg straight and tap it out and then back.
– Repeat with alternate legs.