Fit Girl Kelsey Heenan Explains How Playing Sports Helped Her Gain Confidence

Kelsey Heenan inspired thousands of people to embrace progress with her refreshingly honest outlook on fitness and she recently shared another interesting part of her journey with her followers. Heenan used to play basketball in her youth and this sport helped her gain confidence and discover her passion for fitness.

The fitness influencer admitted she was an extremely shy kid, but that changed once she started playing basketball. This sport provided her with a vessel to start breaking out of her shell and helped her learn to be more confident.

“It gave me confidence to know that my body and mind could work together to make a creative play, to make a game winning shot, to problem solve, and work with others towards a common goal,” wrote Kelsey Heenan on Instagram.

The Co-founder of Hiit Max shared this interesting part of her fitness journey after her parents sent her fun videos from her childhood. Her story can serve as a valuable lesson for all the parents who want to encourage their kids to sign up for a new fun activity, since basketball turned out to be a true life-changer for Heenan.