Fitness For Kids: How to Make it Fun

Photo by Jessica To'oto'o on Unsplash

Fitness is important for kids as well as adults. In this era of social media and computer games, it can be difficult to imbibe the fitness culture in your kids. However, if you make it interesting, they may just look forward to family exercises. Here are some tips to try:

Encourage participation

Start by creating a calendar and encouraging the kids to suggest activities they prefer. Ask if they prefer ice-skating, football, or even trampolining. Jumping on a trampoline offers the same benefits as running for thirty minutes. Also, kids love to jump, it enhances their development and accelerates their coordination, balance and motor skills. You can also opt for a hula-hoop.

Walk the dog

You can give your children the task of walking the dog daily. This seems like a simple activity, but it takes a lot of work.

Plan a weekly sports event

You can make exercise cards that feature fun activities such as bear crawls and jogging backward. You can get these cards online if you don’t have the expertise to make them.

Go for walks after dinner

You can make family fitness activities fun by taking the kids for a walk after dinner. It can be a trip to the park or the local grocery stop. To make it more fun, get some treats for participation to encourage them.