Here’s Why You Should Invest in Weight Lifting Gloves

Image via AllaSerebrina/depositphotos

If you’re new to weight lifting, there’s a ton of gear you might be tempted to get. But when it comes to what equipment to invest in, one of the best purchases you can make is weight lifting gloves. Lifting weights is hard on your hands and weight lifting gloves can give you the additional support you need and make your workouts safer and more effective. Here’s why you should get a pair of weight lifting gloves.


Weight lifting gloves improve your grip on weights, especially once your hands get sweaty, making your workouts safer.

Calluses and Blisters

Over a long period of time, your hands will become blistered and callused, but weight lifting gloves can prevent that from happening.


The gloves relieve some of the pressure your hands experience when lifting heavy weights, which can limit how much you can lift.

Wrist Support

Most of the gloves wrap around your wrist, providing support for them while you lift heavy weights. These gloves can prevent wrist injuries from happening.

Increased Lift

Weight lifting gloves with wrist straps distribute weight being lifted across the forearms instead of just in your fingers, allowing you to lift more weight. This helps in pulling exercises like upright rows and deadlifts.