Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Stronger

So you’re hitting the gym every single day in order to build muscles and increase your strength, but for some reason, that’s not happening? Here are three reasons why your strength training is not producing the results you want.

You Only Do What’s Fun

We have a natural tendency to only do what we’re good at and what we love. Unfortunately, that’s not going to help us achieve our fitness goals. So next time you hit the gym, if you hate push-ups or deadlifts, start your workout by doing a few sets of these exercises.

You’re Not Eating Enough

Take some time to think about your diet and ask yourself are you eating enough? Not having your diet in check is a common mistake among newer lifters. Food is the fuel that gives you energy to get through all those hard workouts and eventually build strength.

You’re Stuck on the Same Program

Following the same workout routine for more than two or three months is not a good idea because your body is getting accustomed to a particular exercise over time. This means your workout program that proved very effective in the beginning, won’t bring the same results after a certain period of time.