How to Build a Home Gym For Under $25

Gyms throughout the country have been closed, and many gym-goers have been left to find new ways to workout. Home gyms are the next best thing and to get a good workout, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment. Bodyweight workouts don’t require any equipment, but if you want to push yourself harder and not spend a ton of money, you can get these items for under $25.

Long Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can give you a whole-body workout—by looping the band around solid objects you can do chest presses, rows, triceps kickbacks, standing twists, and upright rows. For squats, biceps curls, front raises, side bends, and overhead presses place the band underneath your feet.

Mini Resistance Loops

Work your hips and glutes by placing these mini bands under one foot for single-leg deadlifts or above or below your knees for lateral band walks and fire hydrants.

Jump Rope

Get the cardio burn you’ve been missing from the treadmill or bike. Mixing in some jump rope will get your heart rate up.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are not only ideal for stiff muscles, but they also work well for mobility and recovery to activate and relax your muscles.