How to Get Even More From Strength Training

Strength training
Photo by Gursimrat Ganda on Unsplash

There are a few things to consider if you want to receive the best results from strength training. Nutrition is really important, especially eating enough protein, and eating balanced meals. When it comes to your actual workout you want to make sure you are increasing your weights at regular intervals and you are taking time to recover. Here are three ways you can get better results from strength training.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Upping the amount of protein you consume each day can help you to build muscle together with your workout routine. The recommended daily amount is 1 gram per KG of body weight, so around 60 grams per day, split into each meal. Protein also helps you stay satisfied and fuller for longer.

Increase Your Intensity

This is hard to measure, especially if you are new to strength training, but you do need to add more weight when it gets too easy and not be afraid of doing more reps. If you have been training for a while and you haven’t seen much progress, start making changes in how much you lift and how many sets and reps you are doing. You want to feel like you did something after each workout.

Recovery is Key

It might sound strange but rest days are just as important as training days, you actually get stronger on the days you recover. Taking 24 hours to rest between workouts can give your body the boost it needs to start growing some muscle.