How to stay in shape while traveling

Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

We’re all familiar with the problem of staying in shape while traveling. It can be so difficult to stick to eating healthy and working out when we are either traveling for fun or for work. In order to be prepared for your next trip, here are some rules to follow on how to stay in shape while traveling:

You can workout anywhere!

When people think of working out, they usually think of sweating it off in a gym, but the truth is that you can exercise from anywhere! Doing things like biking, hiking, and taking walking tours are a great place to start! It’s also exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercising, so you enjoy it at the same time. But, even if you are going on a relaxing trip somewhere exotic, there are a bunch of ways to workout without needing the gym.

Your diet

As hard as it is, your diet is the most important thing about staying in shape. As much as we love eating burgers and sipping on milkshakes while on holiday, it is important to find that balance so you won’t come back from your holiday, heavier and disappointed in yourself. Letting go and consuming bread, pasta or rice is fine once or twice, but don’t make a habit out of it! Every meal should have a protein source and at least one vegetable; add some fruits and nuts. Avoid dairy and grains, or only eat them in minimal quantities.

Limit the alcohol

We all love parties, and will gladly stay up until the late hours in order to enjoy life to the fullest. But, and as much this pains us to say this, and you probably know this too: Alcohol is not exactly good for you. With that being said, we are not telling you to stop drinking completely – we believe that everything needs to be done in moderation, and of course you need to drink and have fun while on holiday, but try to party with a purpose! And if you are the type that loves to rage every night, try to stick to wine and alcohol without any added mixers.