How to Stop Social Media from Fueling Negative Workout Motivation

Stop Social Media from Fueling Negative Workout Motivation
Photo by LJ Lara on Unsplash

Looking for fitness motivation on social media is a double-edged sword. It can work wonders for some people, while others only feel worse about their progress after scrolling through Instagram. If you feel like social media is doing you more harm than good, these useful tips will help you turn things around.

Unfollow Influencers Who Set Unrealistic Expectations

Most people follow famous influencers when looking for fitness motivation, but they tend to set unrealistic expectations for their feed. Some of them try to keep it real, while others are painting the wrong picture with their posts. You should consider unfollowing those who aren’t fueling your workout motivation in a positive way.

Social Media Detox

If unfollowing people isn’t enough to cleanse your mind of negative fitness influences, full-social media detox could do the trick. Ditch Instagram altogether for a few days or weeks, and take that time to focus on yourself and your goals, instead of checking up on total strangers on social media.

Change Your Mindset

Unfollowing people and deleting social media won’t make you feel any better if your approach to working out is wrong. The main point of exercising is to stay active and feel comfortable in your own skin instead of trying to look like fitness influencers, who are making a living from working out every day.