How to Train for a Marathon

Photo by Miguel A Amutio on Unsplash

Undertaking a marathon is no mean feat, and for many people, it represents the single greatest physical challenge they will ever attempt. There are lots of things to consider when training for a marathon, including how long the training schedule needs to be, ideal footwear and equipment, and good nutrition, so here are three key tips to break the process down.

Timetable Your Training Runs

Trying to complete a marathon-length run every time you go out is not the best way to train for this feat. For most people, this will result in exhaustion and potentially injury. Ideally, six months out from your marathon, you will set up a timetable of training runs. Over the course of a week, you want to be running about 30 miles, but this can be broken down into shorter and longer runs. Challenge yourself to run a fast four-mile, and then enjoy a leisurely paced eight-mile run later on in the week. This will work different muscles and let your body get used to running longer distances.

Don’t Forget to Fuel Yourself

Training for a marathon can take a toll on your body, so make sure you’re getting enough carbs, fats, and proteins. Don’t ignore hunger signals, and focus on eating filling portions of whole grains with enough healthy fats and protein on the side. Undereating can be another way to cause injury, and this can also lead to a lack of motivation.

Mix Up Your Workouts

Rest days are important to help your muscles reset, but this doesn’t mean a day of no movement. Try some gentle yoga to stretch out your legs, some fun dancing to feel the joy in movement or a calming walk to keep those legs moving. Bringing in a range of exercises will help to strengthen your muscles, reducing the risk of injury.