Are Ice Baths More Than Just a Fitness Fad?

Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

From Olympic athletes to everyday gym-goers, ice baths have become all the rage. But while cold exposure therapy is sometimes used as a physical remedy to alleviate pain with some doctors even recommending it, are there true benefits to ice baths that make them more than just a fitness fad? Here are the main benefits that ice baths have to offer.

Pain Management

While few studies on the medical benefits of ice baths have been done, they are shown to help alleviate pain and inflammation given that they are a form of cold exposure therapy, otherwise known as cryotherapy. This is particularly helpful if ever you feel sore after exercise or perhaps have an injury.

Immune System and Cardiovascular Health

One study published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health showed that immersion into cold water can potentially not only boost your immune system but also improve cardiovascular health and insulin resistance. While more studies will be required in order to uncover more information, this at least shows that ice baths are not detrimental to you.