If You Hate Pull-Ups, These Exercises Are the Best Alternative

It’s completely fine to hate pull-ups, so many ladies and men do! This can be a very difficult exercise, especially for women because it engages so many muscles. If you’re still not to the point when you can do it, we bring you the best alternatives. That doesn’t meant that these workouts are easy, but they will definitely get you to the point when you can actually do a pull-up.

Renegade Row

Get in a plank position and grab a weight with one hand. You can do it with a dumbbell in one hand at the beginning, but you will need one in each hand after several training sessions.

Barbell Row

This exercise is very similar to pull-ups in terms of the muscles that it activates. Use a barbell in your hands with the arms being shoulder-length apart.

Table Bodyweight Row

You don’t even need to go to the gym in order to do this exercise. You can use your table at home. Just grab to a part of it and pull yourself up. You don’t have to go all the way up. Start slow and you’ll eventually get to a point when it will be easy for you to do it.

Cable Pulldowns

This is one of the best pull-up alternatives that you have to do in the gym. Add weights as you progress.