Inside Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp Collection “Stronger as One”

Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the most demanding HIIT classes in the world, and it can be difficult to find workout gear that can withstand their signature sessions. Fortunately, the masterminds behind this franchise joined forces with the activewear brand Lululemon and launched a collection “Stronger as One” that will keep your fresh and cool during their classes.

Audrey Reilly, senior vice president of women’s design at Lululemon, discussed their collaboration with Barry’s Bootcamp in an interview with Elle and explained why they decided to join forces.

“Stronger as One’ represents the soul of this collection: community. To me, it is a reflection of both Lululemon and Barry’s deep community roots and represents how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Reilly.

The first collaboration between these two brands features a total of 23 pieces, including muscle tanks, sports bras, shorts, leggings, and hoodies. Designers behind this collection used sweat-wicking fabrics, mesh ventilation, and seam reduction, to create breathable pieces for a no-distraction workout.