It’s Okay To Stick To One Workout Style

Photo by Sinara de Melo

When it comes to developing a good workout routine, the amount of information available can make it seem overwhelming. This is because there are tons of different workouts out there, and for each workout there are even more trainers preaching their incredible benefits. This can leave the average fitness newbie overwhelmed and feeling like they’re not doing enough. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about doing too much, and why it’s okay to stick to one workout for now.

One Is More Than Enough

Don’t listen the well-seasoned vets who tell you that you must work out ten different parts of your body, and otherwise you’re “not doing it right”. Sure, they may be coming from a place of experience, but they also don’t know what you’re going through. They don’t know how much is too much for you, and thus you should trust yourself and not take on too much you can’t handle. One workout routine is more than enough for now.

Staying Consistent

The most important thing right now is to develop a rhythm and consistency, no matter how minute the actual duration of your workout may be. If you’re getting overwhelmed by the idea of doing too many different workouts, you may end up doing none at all—so the best thing you can do is stick to just one for now.