Jump Rope Videos on Tiktok You Can Duet With

Do you spend more time on TikTok than you’d like to admit? That’s been the case with many of us lately, and if you need some additional motivation to move, you don’t really have to close the app. All it takes is to follow the right profiles and they will get you up in no time, with their motivational content and challenges that dare you to join in. One of them is Bernadette Henry, the lady behind “Jump Rope Is Dope”, who’s the perfect person to show you how to have fun with a jump rope.

Henry lives in New York City and teaches jump-rope workout classes. Watching her videos has been mesmerizing. She shows amazing skill and it’s impossible not to get up and try to repeat her moves. However, her moves aren’t as easy as they appear, so expect to sweat a lot while you’re practicing!

If you’ve been looking for great cardio training, you have just found it. Henry has over 40k followers on TikTok and over 20k followers on Instagram. Her videos are great for anyone who wants a challenging jump rope workout and her free 5-day jump rope challenge is definitely worth giving a chance. Get ready to jump!


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