Looking for a New Hobby? Try These Wellness Practices

Tai chi
Photo by Monica Leonardi on Unsplash

In a world where work-life balance is often lacking, hobbies tend to take a back seat to more practical activities, even viewed by some as a waste of time. The whole point of a hobby, however, is that it is done purely for enjoyment, regardless of whether it will amount to anything productive. Ironically, practicing a hobby with this mentality can greatly improve mental health and wellbeing. If picking up a hobby sounds appealing to you, read on for some ideas to try.

Fluid Painting

Fluid painting involves pouring paint onto canvas in layers and moving it around to create abstract designs. Beyond serving as an excellent creative outlet, it can also have a therapeutic effect on mental health. The slow, mindful movements and gentle sensory stimulation associated with the practice have been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Tai Chi

For those seeking a slightly more physical practice, the art of tai chi offers a unique blend of gentle movement and meditative focus. Rooted in ancient Chinese tradition, it promotes balance, flexibility, and mental clarity through a series of postures and controlled breathing. It’s also low-impact enough to be accessible to all fitness levels and easy to incorporate into most daily routines.


While perhaps a bit unusual, herbalism can be a rewarding and educational wellness hobby for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Start by reading some basic books on the subject to familiarize yourself with the medicinal properties of plants, then create your own garden where you can cultivate the flowers and herbs that you feel drawn to. You’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of connecting with nature as you foster a sense of holistic well-being and self-sufficiency.