Looking for Versatility in the Gym? Try These Cable Exercises

Tricep pulls
Photo by Ruslan Khmelevsky from Pexels

Cable exercises have been increasing in popularity at the gym and with good reason. In some instances, cable exercises are better than free weights in that they promote muscle isolation and unilateral training, allowing you to target one muscle at a time and to correct muscle imbalances to promote overall symmetry and strength. Keep reading to explore some of our favorite variations to add to your gym routine.

Cable Chest Fly

This exercise works your pecs and allows for a smooth resistance curve that can easily be adjusted for strength. This variation will build a well-defined chest and improve overall posture.

Face Pulls

This movement works the small muscles in your back, known as your rear delts and upper traps. It helps contract your back muscles with a push and pull force that will increase muscle tone and improve posture.

Cable Side Raises

This movement is great for contracting your shoulders and will give you that boulder shoulder look you may desire.

Cable Woodchoppers

This movement engages the obliques, essential for building core and rotational strength. It not only improves posture, but will improve running form, prevent injury, and sculpt your midsection!

Tricep Rope Extension

This exercise is a classic for a reason. This movement promotes muscle growth in the long heads of the tricep, contributing to overall arm development and arm sculpting.