Lululemon Has a New Campaign That Focuses on Inclusivity in Running

Lululemon's running campaign
Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash

Running doesn’t know limits when it comes to your shape, size, and background you come from. Why is it then that we have so much prejudice about people who run or want to run but don’t necessarily fit a typical “runner’s body” description? This makes millions of people feel like running is not for them, and then they give up. Lululemon’s new campaign aims to change that.

A New Program

The athletic apparel company has a new project in which it will share stories of runners and introduce them to the world. One of the people included in the project is Mirna Valerio, ultramarathoner and anti-racism activist. She shared that there’s still a lot of work to do in order to include various groups of people in the running community, although the first steps towards inclusivity have been made.

“One area of particular contention is the attempt to be inclusive of all bodies in running advertising, in publications harboring an incredible amount of diet culture pieces and advertisements posing as articles. It’s really insidious,” Valerio tells Shape.

For Everyone

Running doesn’t belong to one body type. Everybody can be a runner if that’s what they want, and we hope this will soon become something that shouldn’t even be discussed.