MrandMrsMuscle Kick Off an Amazing 30-Day Workout Challenge

30-day workout challenges are an amazing motivational tool, but it’s difficult to commit to them since many set unrealistic goals. That’s not the case with the amazing new challenge started by Mr and Mrs Muscle, and you’ll only have to set aside ten minutes a day to take part.

Michael and Vivviane Addo are masterminds behind MrandMrsMuscle workouts, and they currently have 1.5 million followers on Instagram and additional 570,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their newly-launched 30-day workout challenge is all about positive vibes, but that’s not stopping it from featuring a series of full-body moves that will keep you fit and healthy.

Vivviane Addo took charge in the previously shared workouts and encouraged people to kick-off each one by saying a series of affirmations. The mantra for the first day was “being in control” while the second one embraced the joy of feeling awesome.

We can’t wait to see all the motivational techniques she’s going to come up for the rest of the workouts, and that’s another reason to join her 30-day challenge. Some of the moves are pretty intense, but each video features modifications for all the beginners out there.