Parachuting: You Should Try It

Parachuting is known as one of the most extreme sports in the world; it’s a great source of adrenaline! The first-ever parachute jump was done by the inventor of the parachute, André-Jacques Garnerin, on October 22, 1797. Garnerin tested his contraption by leaping from a hydrogen balloon 980 meters above Paris.

There are all kinds of parachute jumps, however, the most well known is the Tandem Jump.

Tandem Jump

A tandem jump is a specific type of jump where the instructor and the student use the same parachute while performing a jump – a trained instructor is attached to the student’s back. This kind of parachute jump does not require any serious preparation, however, the student will receive a basic training in less than an hour.

The plane ride takes up to 20-30 minutes and the jump is done when the plane reaches the height of 3,000 meters. However, it doesn’t have to be strictly the height of 3,000 meter, the smallest height from which a jump can be done is 1,200 meters. Then it is time for the free fall, which lasts about 30 seconds. After opening the parachute in the next 3-4 minutes you continue the flight and enjoy the unforgettable panoramic sightseeing.