Perfect Activities for Getting Active This Summer

Woman kayaking
Photo by Tatum Bergen on Unsplash

The best thing about summer is that there are so many fun activities to choose from that can help you stay in shape, burn calories, and feel good about yourself. Having fun while exercising has never been easier, so here are some of the best activities to burn major calories this summer.


Playing frisbee with your family or friends is more than just a fun summer activity. It’s a great and easy way to stay in shape and burn up to 250 calories in just 30 minutes. Playing frisbee is also perfect for people who hate other sports like running or rollerblading.


Rollerblading has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years as more people realized that this is not just a fun kids activity. Rollerblading is a low-impact exercise that’s great for burning calories while spending time outside.


Water sports are ideal for hot summer days, which is why you should consider giving kayaking a chance. This activity is not only fun and good for burning calories, but it’ll also help you improve your upper body strength.


The best thing about hiking is that literally anyone can do it. It’s an awesome activity for people who want to stay in shape and spend more time in nature this summer.