Princess Diana’s Trainer Shares the Workout Routine That Kept Her Fit

Princess Diana in 1993. Photo by John Shelley/REX/Shutterstock (99622a)

Even two decades after her passing, fans of Princess Diana are still interested in every aspect of her life, including her fitness routine. Her former trainer Cameron Falloon recently discussed her approach to working out and revealed the fitness plan that kept her fit.

Falloon worked with many celebrity clients before founding his own fitness franchise, Body Fit Training, and one of them just happened to be Princess Diana. He recently discussed their working relationship with the Australian edition of Women’s Health and revealed what her fitness routine looked like.

“Diana traveled a lot, so our best bang for buck was to focus on resistance and strength training and tick those boxes, rather than cardio… Our program was focused on keeping her strong and building lean muscle, which would have better lasting effects,” explained Falloon.

He added they did a lot of legs, core, and postural exercises, which included deadlifts, squats, and lunges. Falloon also described the gym as a sort of sanctuary for the late princess, because it allowed her to escape the chaotic outside world and focus on doing something she really enjoyed.