Professional Athlete Shares Tips for Running 5K Without Stopping

    When you first start running, it’s important to take it slow and progress gradually. However, after some point, you may notice that your progress is too slow and that you’re not challenging yourself enough. Professional athlete Clara Smith from Australia shares her best tips to help you run 5K without stopping!

    Smith spoke to Popsugar to reveal some of her best athletic secrets. Before every run, she does light stretching around the calves, hamstrings, and glutes. As she says, nothing about exercising is as hard as stepping out the door. She recommends setting simple goals—instead of expecting yourself to run a specific distance, make your goal getting out three to five days a week, and just listen to what your body tells you.

    If you want to achieve running 5K without stopping, Smith recommends the following training: “For six weeks, run three times a week. I suggest you spread these throughout the week with a day or two in-between for recovery. For example, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday. Start off in week one by running for one minute, walking for one minute. Repeat ten times for a total of 20 minutes. From here, gradually increase your run time, and reduce your rest time, until you are able to run for 25-30 minutes without stopping.”