Here’s Why You Should Ditch the Scale

Most people hop on a scale to check results of their workout and healthy diet, and end up disappointed after seeing everything’s the same. They often forget the digits they see there don’t accurately reflect the healthy changes they’ve made. Numbers can often be misleading, so it’s time to stop using them to define your worth.

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HEALTHY > # ON A DAMN SCALE! Since embarking on this #Fashion2Fitness journey, I have been a slave to the number on this #scale for years! So today, I threw the damn.thing.out! 🙌🏻 I am going to THINK BIGGER than a SMALL SCALE and the number on it (🔥 @iamicaniwillido!) Three little numbers do not define my speed, my endurance, my strength, my determination & most importantly they don’t define whether or not I am actually healthy! Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy friends! I am starting to think #LBS stands for LEGIT BULLSHIT. Yes, I care about fitness & being healthy, but you are more than these numbers. Whether you are kicking ass at #Ironman competitions or whether you did 5 push-ups today for the first time in your life, you are an athlete, you are stronger than you think and most importantly, you are made up of more than these three.stupid.numbers! If you want to track progress based on numbers, count the number of times you SIMPLY SHOWED UP to sweat it out last week! The number of biceps curls you did with those heavy weights even tho you didn’t think you could. The number of times you said to yourself MIND > MATTER and ran that extra quarter of a mile. YOU GOT THIS! Anyone else tossing their #weightscale tonight as well? 🗑💪🏻 Now, for proof I said #BYEFELICIA, check my instastory 😉 #Fitness #HealthyLiving #YesYouCan

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Before you start feeling bad about yourself because nothing changed after you’ve stepped on a scale, remember the number you see is affected by things that are out of your control. Weight fluctuates a lot during the day and it’s influenced by many factors. Hormones, the time of the day, and things you consumed before weighing yourself.

It’s also important to remember muscle is denser than fat. Becoming leaner and more toned after following through with your fitness routine doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. This shouldn’t discourage you because it’s a natural part of the process. As long as you’re satisfied with the results, it doesn’t matter what the number on the scale says.

Never forget that measuring your health solely by your weight is a pretty destructive habit. Being slim doesn’t necessarily make you healthy, especially if you’re obsessively chasing a certain number on the scale. There are much better indicators of good fitness you should rely on, including the most important one – your own instinct.