Relaxing Foot Exercises to Prevent Injuries

Foot exericse
Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

If there’s one body exercise that people seem to sleep on the most, it’s foot exercises. Everyone loves worrying about their abs, or back, or legs, but rarely do folks stop and take care of their feet properly. This is a rookie mistake because neglecting our feet can make us a lot more prone to severe foot injuries, from harsh sprains to clean breaks. Here are some great foot-strengthening exercises to try.

Step Exercise

Stand on the bottom step of a staircase and hold on to a ledge for support. Slowly inch your foot backward so that it’s slightly over the edge, and when you feel balanced enough, let go of the ledge. Now, use your feet to lower yourself down slightly, and then push yourself back up. Repeat this about 10 times.

One Foot Balance

Balance yourself on one foot and count to 30, making sure not to fall. If you’ve mastered that, now try and do the same thing while also spelling out your name in the air with the foot that you’re not standing on.

Basic Stretch

This is a basic stretch, but nevertheless very effective and important. Extend your leg and “roll” your foot around, making a circular motion. Do this in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.