Scared to Work Out in Public? Try These Confidence-Boosting Affirmations

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

If you struggle with gym anxiety or hate running in the park, this is for you. It can be hard to feel confident enough to exercise in public, especially if we feel like we’re not fit enough or we don’t have the “right” body shape. Try saying these affirmations before each workout to manifest a more positive attitude and gain confidence on your fitness journey.

“I Deserve to Be Healthy and Happy”

Remind yourself why you are working out in the first place—to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. You deserve to do the things that make you feel good and anxiety or fear of judgment shouldn’t stop you.

“My Body is Strong and Powerful”

If you struggle with your body image, this affirmation can help encourage you to stop being ashamed of your body and be grateful for it.

“I Am Confident in My Abilities”

We’ve all felt like we’re not fit enough or don’t have the right skills to work out in public. Even if you’re just starting on your fitness journey, telling yourself that you are confident in your abilities will help the manifest the best mindset to keep improving.

“I Will Take Up Space”

Gyms are INTIMIDATING. If someone’s hovering behind you when you’ve just started using a machine, it can be very easy to feel embarrassed and move on. However, you have as much right to be there as anyone else, using the machines, following your training plan, and taking up space.

“When I See Other People Exercising, I Feel Inspired”

This one is super important. Think about how you feel when you see others exercising in public, whatever shape, size, or fitness level. Is it judgment and ridicule or is it admiration and respect? We’re guessing the latter.