Start Riding a Bike—You Won’t Regret It

Riding bikes
Photo by nextbike on Unsplash

Remember how exciting it used to be when you got your first new bike? Perhaps you were eight or nine years old, and you couldn’t wait to ride it all around town. For whatever reason, as you started to get older, bikes became less cool, and cars became all the rage. Fast forward to where you are now in life, and you haven’t ridden a bike in who knows how long. If it truly has been forever and you’re looking to get some more cardio in your life, maybe getting back into bike-riding isn’t such a bad idea.

Awaken Childhood Memories

Imagine being able to get fit by exercising more while also evoking nostalgia from your past at the same time. Bike-riding can be a really fun experience, which is why it’s a great cardio option without realizing you’re doing cardio.

See Great Scenery

Another great reason that you should take up bike-riding is that it allows you to get to much further distances than if you were just jogging. In that sense, you have the opportunity to see a lot more scenery and enjoy the serenity of many more natural environments. It’s truly a no-brainer, so give it a try!