Struggling With ‘Gym-timidation’? Try #ShyGirlWorkouts

Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

If you feel intimidated in the gym or feel like you’re not fit enough to work out, this trend is for you. Made popular on TikTok, #ShyGirlWorkouts are there to get you feeling confident enough to get you moving, lifting, and progressing on your fitness journey.

Why Do We Need Shy Girl Workouts?

Exercising in public is scary! Many women report feeling anxiety and intimidation at the gym. So called ‘gym-timidation’ can hold women back from doing the activities they really want to, or even stop them from using the gym altogether. Shy Girl Workouts are designed to empower women to overcome gym anxiety.

What are Shy Girl Workouts?

Shy Girl Workouts are workout routines devised BY women, FOR women. They’re designed to help you gain enough confidence with cardio and strength basics to feel comfortable working out in the gym. They require very little or no equipment, can be completed in one small corner of the gym, and are simple enough to learn and remember.

What’s Next?

Once you feel confident enough to do Shy Girl Workouts in your chosen area of the gym, you can start to explore more of the machines and the weights area. Try to go at quieter times, acknowledge your right to be there and know that there is a whole movement of #ShyGirls working out alongside you!