These Stress Relief Apps are Beyond Any Others

Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

Being constantly worried about your health, work, family, friends, and everything in between is hard to take in, and we all need a bit of help on the days when it’s hard to feel like our usual selves. Exercising is a great method of stress relief, but in this modern world, a smartphone in your hand is all you need to win this battle. Some of these apps will help you out with feeling better.


These coloring games are amazing and they remind as of our childhood. We could all spend hours and hours without a care in the world and relax while coloring. You can color cats, plants, patterns, and many more that this app has to offer.


This app offers activities each week that will help you change perspective to a more optimistic view. You can use it any time a day and you’ll start seeing improvement in your life satisfaction.


Just its name says “calm” and the first thing that you’ll get to see when you open the app is “Take a deep breath.” It will give you great advice during the day and it’s easy to use and quite enjoyable.